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...for when the "unexpected" happens

Bella and Linda is this online boutique that carries what they describe as one-of-a-kind items and accessories. While browsing this site, I came across a series of "Must Kits" created by Urban Aid. These kits compile a lot of the little things that can help to make life's uncomfortable situations a little more bearable. Just to highlight a few that caught me off center:

For the Ladies:

SHAME ON YOU KIT you can be clean on that walk of shame

Includes: 1 toothbrush (and toothpaste) 1 panty (one size fits all thong) 3 condoms 1 "emergency" phone card 1 packet of pain reliever 1 "leave behind" note.

For the Gentlemen:

THE CLEAN GET AWAY KIT you can be fresh on the ride home

Includes: 1 pair boxers 1 disposable razor 1 shave cream (1.28 fl.oz.) 2 condoms 1 toothbrush (and toothpaste) 1 packet of pain reliever 1 "leave behind" note.

Pick some up for those sneak-ay freak-ay's in your life.


Anonymous said...

LOL... so why does the woman's "Must kit" have 3 condoms and the man's only has 2????