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....the hell???

Dec 10 - Asia

A 36 year-old woman accidentally gave birth in a train traveling from Tai Dong to Tai Pei. When the train reached the next station, an hour and a half later, the mother was immediately sent to the hospital while rescuers tried to pull the baby from the toilet bowl opening. The 6.6 pound baby girl is now in stable condition.

Aug 29 - Kansas City, Mo

A 20 year old woman allegedly tried ti flush her newborn son down the toilet at a McDonald's after giving birth in the bathroom. Workers became concerned after the woman didn't return from the restroom. The workers quickly called paramedics after checking on the woman, and paramedics were able to revive the baby. Allegedly the woman told paramedics that she tried to flush the baby down the toilet several times, and that, at 32-weeks pregnant, she didn't know she was with child. Seriously??? This is what you come with???