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Saturday, December 29, 2007


12:13 AM |

...think twice before being simple!

I saw this comic and it sparked this. There is great freedom in being a freelance designer. However all graphic designers have come up against this obstacle before. Maybe not to this extreme, but we've all come across those really simple clients. Those who think we are magical, water into wine, statue of liberty disappearing, saw man in half, pixie dusting hobbits who can pull anything out of thin air. Please understand that designing is an art. It takes more time, talent, commitment, creativity, organization, insight, observation and patience than anyone who is not in the field can imagine. If you don't know what your company does, what makes you think I'm able to create a brand for you? And if you know so much, what the heck do you need my skills for? My advice is given with the understanding that I am current on the industry trends, understand the psyche of people, know the psychology behind color, understand the visual innuendos of placement and alignment, know what prints well, what fonts are legible in small formats, what will replicate well in black and white, reverse, four color process, spot color and web. What we create for you will be representing your company, your product to all. There's so much that can be done with subtitles that can either increase your revenue or hurt your company's image. Don't belittle my intelligence or my talent by being stupid and condescending. Understand if you give me a pig, I will put the prettiest shade of lipstick on that bitch, but guess what it'll still be a pig. And do expect to pay me for the pain and suffering I have experienced by trying to wrap my brain around the asinine assignment I have been given.

....Moral of this rant: Be good to your graphic designer.