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6:22 PM |

....what the crap is this?

I saw a commercial today that stopped me dead in my tracks. I've stopped working just to say that this one of the dumbest toys I've known. Now I'm aware that this toy has been around since 1973, so it's not new. Neither are the commercials. But this commercial I feel has taken things one step too far.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Baby Alive doll, it's a doll that's supposed to look, act and feel like a real baby. Meaning that it cries, eats and poops. Their commercials usually show little girls having so much fun feeding and changing diapers. You know, start that domestication of the woman real early. Anyway.

So back to why I'm annoyed. The commercial this time featured a boy doll and a girl doll. Well this time while the little girls were changing the baby, the boy doll proceeds to "urinate" in the air on the little girl. It was quick so I may have been imagining it. At least I thought. Then I watch the mother of the little girls in the commercial duck the spray as well. They all laugh and giggle. But really, why showcase a baby doll having projectile piss??? I know REAL little boys do this but honestly, why put that feature in a baby doll? This is what they waste my technology on? Maybe it's just me. I never saw the appeal of playing with a puking, pissing, pooping doll anyway.