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Monday, December 31, 2007


11:25 PM | reflections on 2007

As you can see it's clearly 11:30pm on New Year's Eve and I am yes, on the blog. That means I ended up going no where. However it's still "early" and anything can happen. Last year I left the house at 11:45pm. So we'll see. Anyway. Though I'm by myself on New Years, I'm not alone. I had a great time on the phone with my sisters. I've been talking to my homegirls via text and cell all night. And though most of us would like to be somewhere, many of us are quite content being where we are and not pressed about it. I mean why spend tons of dollars to be around complete strangers, possibly have the party broken up, and may not have a good time? Why go uptown where they don't treat my people fairly. No point. I look good. I feel good. I'm happy. My neighbors have been popping off fireworks since the sun has gone to bed. And I'VE GOT A FULL BAR!!! So I'm GREAT! ...Understand what that means???....I'm GRRREEEAAATTT!!!!

As I reflect on this year I did well for myself. I've gotten more exposure as a freelance graphic designer. I've made great progress and am respected as an instructor at my school. I've got good friends and reconnected with old ones. I've lost weight and am still losing getting closer to my goal. I got a new house. I got a new car. I can pay my bills. I though I've had my low points this year overall, things have been good for me. If I can give any advice it'd be this:

1. Let go. Your heart will thank you for it.
2. Enjoy the minutia. Every day is a new start.
3. Don't set unrealistic expectations/resolutions. You'll just let yourself down.
4. Be happy and positive. It's hard but it makes life better. Like the new Batman trailers say "Why so serious".

I think everyone should take the time to really reflect on this year and the things they have accomplished and over come. And if this year hasn't been too good for you, in 20 minutes 2007 will be the past. Let it go and move on from this point. My sister met someone that told her 2007 was supposed to be the end of the bad things so 2008 is supposed to be great. I believe all things in your life happen for a reason. Whether you're meant to know the meaning or not. Learn, grow and progress. I wish you all health, wealth and happiness.



Anonymous said...

Girllll! I wrote a blog about NOT being at a party to ring in the New Year, too! LOLOL At least you were positive in that you did a reflection on how 2007 was good to you. All I did was complain! LOLOL Guess I need to write another one!