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Day Five: Aruba
the final port...

Aruba is probably the most up to date (Americanized) port we've been in. We took a long tour of the island. Only I believe it was the western half because the other half is a preserve only accessible by Jeep. There are many large rock formations on the island that if you use your imagination you can see different creatures and objects in them. One was large enough that you can climb on top of it and see a majority of the island. One beach had piles of smaller rocks. The people that visit this place, put the rocks in piles and make wishes. It's said to make wishes come true. We visited the old gold reserve and heard stories about the genocide that occurred once settlers discovered there was gold on the island. We got a chance to put our toes in the sand, did some more shopping and ate non-boat food. My parents have a time share there that is in a great location. I think next time I travel to Aruba I'll stay there. After returning to the ship we saw the NY kids we met at the bar and once again shit it down. They were rather entertaining. We made plans to hang with them the next day. The last day was spent at sea. We partied, chilled, played cards and watched movies while we sailed back to Puerto Rico. Overall I enjoyed my trip. I enjoyed all the islands, but I'd like to spend a little more time at a lot of them. I love vacationing but I hate traveling. This was a very relaxing cruise. The crowd was older (one foot in the grave older), married or coupled up, families and the activities were mostly for them. Next time I travel on a cruise I'll look for one more for my age and get a group of people to travel with. Volunteers?