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Day Two: St. Kitts
Indecision runs rampid

So we're at a short port call in St. Kitts. St. Kitts is located in the Leeward Islands, is a federal two-island nation in the West Indies. The group we came with stated they had made arrangements for the tour of the island. We were supposed to meet him at 10. The rest of our party (including the organizers) didn't show until about 10:45. When they did arrive, we discovered that nothing had been arranged for our tour. The group babbles and talks (while in the blazing hot sun) and randomly separates. We decided to stay in the harbor and do some more shopping in the harbor area. I personally was tired of shopping and my legs/heels were really bothering me. The group dispersed and wandered the shore's shopping area until about 11:30 or so when they all decided to take a taxi tour. We were assured we'd have plenty of time to get back, shop and board the boat. The tour took us around the entire 30 mile island through the "real" parts including gang neighborhoods, public official's houses, public official's sister's house, driver's house and all. We went by the sugar cane areas, heard stories of the history and killings done by settlers, tasted Carib beer, and drove through all of the villages on the island and read about each. All in all the mountains, volcano and shoreline was beautiful. However time was ticking ticking away and departure time was rapidly approaching. My family is a little more schedule conscious than the others in the group, so we were the first to mention time was short and we needed to get back. Slowly but surely others started mentioning it to the driver, who kept saying we have time, we have time. Tension started building and soon no one in the bus was talking or making remarks about the sights. In a not so mad dash and two more very unnecessary stops later, we make it back at 2:25. Last call was at 2:30. After we boarded the boat, we had a good dinner and went to the most soulless Motown review. The young one and I went to the bar on the upper level of the ship and met some kids from NY that were pretty cool (mad young but cool none the less). The friends of our parents we went with were also up there in their drunken stupor. I think they were trying to hook me and the young one up with our new NY friends. (Mind you two of them had been drinking since we flew out of NC two days ago. ) We had some good drinks, danced a little and tripped out with them until 3am. All in all a good, long and somewhat rocky day.