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Day Three: Grenada
a cultural visit

Today was the first island I arrived to that didn't feel immediately submerged in tourism. The young one and I got up and unable to find our parents we went ahead to shore. Because we got a brochure about some awesome discounted jewelery we did some shopping at the little shore mall. We decided to go into the city and met up with our parents and walked to see a statue my mother wanted to see. The land is beautiful to me. The people are rebuilding in the wake of hurricane Ivan, but it's really pretty to me even in this over cast day. We walked the streets and I can't really describe the feeling that I got here. It just felt very natural, relaxing, and as odd to say it, like home. Like I wasn't truly a tourist there. We ate at a place called The Nutmeg. It's right on the water. This is one of the oldest Grenada restaurants. It's located on the beautiful Carenage. My mom and the young one had a roti. It was a short day at Grenada, and we didn't really do that much touring but I really enjoyed my time there.