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...take a ride with me

So the other day I was thinking, why is it when you have a silent bathroom visit there is no other person in the facilities, however when your visit is a little less than silent and just as deadly there are people in every stall? And speaking of every stall, I think women should institute the some of the same rules men have. 1. If there are empty stalls don't sit in the one right next to me. Go one down. 2. Stop talking to me. Don't you see I'm handling business here???? And regardless of the fact that we don't technically hold anything, you still have to wash your hands. (Nasty heffas). Speaking of nasty. Why do fast food people feel the need to put the ketchup and salt packets directly on top of the fries? There's no telling where those things have been. I didn't even ask for either in the first place....