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attempting to have fun on the high seas

So slowly but surely the truth of my current location has come out. I am vacationing for a week on a cruise through the islands with my family (minus one sister who is getting that PhD...stop reading this and go work!). Truthfully only my job knew I was leaving. Being that I often vent my frustrations about bills and money, taking a trip seems counter productive. Fortunate for me, my parents have entered this live like a baller phase of their life and are taking us along. So I'm traveling for free. Anything I buy is on me. And according to my students I really need a break. Not that I have to explain myself. But I didn't want to discredit the truth in my blog.

Back to the lecture at hand. We boarded out boat in San Juan. Needless to say that was no easy task. Aside from all the necessary check points they messed up our room assignment. However they upgraded us to a room with a widow. We also had to grab our luggage out of the hall in front of our old room assignment. Everyone was irritated and snipping at each other so we were off to our normal travel start. The view of Puerto Rico at night made up for it. (A few drinks helped too). The we were off to our first stop: St. Thomas. We were very touristy (and I don't usually do the tourist thing). The island is beautiful. There's a lot of high roller shopping downtown in the diamond district. No purchases for me here. Though I did manage to find something I liked better at the dock to buy. The young one did grab up some rum which we somehow managed to get back to our room. Check the pictures.