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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Why You All In My Grill??

9:42 AM |

Really, dude....

I completely understand that men will look. Doesn't mean they love you any less. Doesn't mean they actually want the woman they're looking at. They just like to look. Men are stimulated visually. It's just what it is.

But I mean, really dude, I need you be better at it. Women look all the time. But what you don't often see is a woman staring dude down. They get their looks in and are on to the next one before you even know what happened. It's polite. It's quick. They log it in to the memory and are on their way. If you catch a girl looking it's because she wanted you to see it and either she doesn't give a damn what you think or she is trying to prove a point.

Men? Not so much. I need you to be quicker. More discrete. This way, you don't put the girl you're looking at into an unnecessary situation with your girl cause you're eyes are too slow. Look, blink, keep it moving. Don't stare. You should not be able to tell how many fillings I have in my mouth while you're girl is decompressing after her hard day at work. (FYI I have no fillings, I'm just saying). Play it off. Find something in her general direction that you can pretend to look at so when she catches you looking (which she always will) so you can at least try to fake like your looking at something in her general direction. It won't work but at least you can try.

Give the girl her face back! Get your game up pimpin'! Your long stares are just drama waiting to happen.