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Friday, December 3, 2010

Acting Right

10:50 AM |

Appropriate Christmas shopping behavior...

It's that time of year again. Time when all common sense, compassion and chivalry go out the window and pure, unadulterated animalism takes over. That's right. Christmas sale shopping is upon us. If you're reading this, you've managed to survive the running of the bulls (also known as Black Friday). Congratulations. I hope you made it out with great deals and all of your teeth. With only 21 more shopping days left until christmas, I thought I should go over a few things before you go out and hit the malls to finish up your gift gathering.

1. Just park already. It makes no sense to circle and circle and circle. Do you know how expensive gas is? You've already spent more time circling the lot for a good parking space than you would have spend in the mall. Accept it. You'll have to park in the back. Just log it as exercise in your work out journal. It'll help burn off all those Christmas goodies you'll be eating up anyway.

2. The 30 second rule. This is what I feel is an appropriate wait time when you want to look at something someone is already looking at. You've been in the store for the last hour and now all of a sudden you need the 1 thing I'm looking at right at this very minute. WAIT! There is no need for you to reach in front of me to get something when I'm about to move in like 2 seconds.

3. Don't block the isle. Stores are crammed to the brim with stuff to buy so the isle size has gotten substantially smaller. Find an appropriate place to park your cart (or yourself) so that you are not directly in the flow of traffic. You want to stand in the middle of the isle and look at people cross-eyed when they bump into you and knock all your stuff over. Move b!$&#... get out the way!
--Side Note--take 2 seconds and walk your lazy butt to the cart return or back to the store too. No need to leave it in the empty parking space. That's just rude and inconsiderate.

4. Don't push or shove. Come back tomorrow. Ask when the shelves will be restocked. Most of the lack of stuff is just a ploy by the store anyway to make it seem like it's a dire situation, when they know they have 20 boxes back there. Don't let this season make you loose all of your godliness.

5. Open those isles. This is for the workers and stores. You have 50 isles. Open them up! Why is the line wrapped around the building while your workers are in the back playing Pictionary in the toy isle? And if you've been hired to be seasonal help, be of assistance. If you know nothing about your store or your section, how are you helping me? We are trying to handle business here. Spending an hour in line for a product it took only 5 minutes to find is not good customer service.

Learning not to lose your mind during holiday shopping will make the experience as hassle free as any other day. Remember the Golden Rule and just be a good person when you're out there in the trenches.