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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Why Love Now?

11:10 AM |

The million dollar question...

If you're familiar with the Millionaire Match Maker, Patty always asks her millionaires 'why love now?' That is such a great question that so many people aren't asking. It really makes you think about if you are ready for love and the reasons why. I think it helps to really push some reason and logic into a very emotional process.

That is a question anyone out there looking for love or about to get serious with someone should ask themselves. Why, after either such a short time or a long time, love now? What makes you think that you are ready to make a commitment? What makes you think you are ready to be with just that one person? What, after all of the previous relationships you've had, makes you prepared to enter into a new, long-term relationship? What is it about you and your lifestyle that makes you prepared or ready for love?

Focusing in on yourself and your current position in life will help you focus in on your wants and needs in a mate. You'll be able to eliminate those suitors who are really not good for you, and you'll be able to realize when you have exactly what you wanted. So maybe before we enter into our next relationship we should be asking 'why love now'?