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Thursday, December 2, 2010


12:00 PM |

What they are and why you need them...

Haters. We've seen them. We've had them. But do we need them? The short answer is yes. To further explain this we need to know what a Hater is and where the hate comes from.

This is a word that is often used incorrectly. A hater is not someone who is mad cause you stole her man/woman or anything stupid or trivial like that. They just hate you and probably for good reason.

True 'hate', in this context, is derived from a form of jealousy. Jealous over what you have accomplished. Jealous over the things you have managed to obtain. Jealous over who you are dating. Jealous over you in general. Often this hate or jealousy can be displayed in words, faces, and attitude.

Most people would like to do away with all the Haters because, yes they are irritating and can be hurtful. But the only reason you have haters is because you've managed to accomplish or obtain something that the Hater has not. Good for you. Haters are just another way of letting you know that you're doing something right. Because let's be honest, no matter how good you are, how nice you are, how much you give back, you can always fine a hater in the corner.

At times, a Hater will take their hate for you and try to make you hate them. That's a great thing. Feeds the well of competition and has the ability to make you and those around you better. It's always good to make your Haters your motivators. Those are good haters. A bad Hater will hate because they don't have the drive or the self esteem to get up and make something of themselves. Those you can continue to just ignore and let them hate.

Remember, the only people that are liked by everyone are those that are silent. So don't be afraid to get out there and make some noise. Get your haters up.