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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


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Are you really an 80?....Really?

Oh...the 80/20 rule. If you are unfamiliar with it, the rules is as followed: Most people get 80% of what they need out of their current relationship but have a tendency to go chasing after the 20% they're not getting believing that's what they truly want. Thank you Mr. Perry for bringing that to the masses.

When you think about people cheating and what/who they usually cheat with you can clearly see the application of the 80/20 rule. And with this rash of cheating ways of the married men in hollywood lately, this idea has even more substantiating evidence. I know what...I'm not even going to go there.

Please be aware that this rule or idea only applies to the ones that are truly 80's. Just because you're in a relationship with some one does not mean you or the one that you are with are the 80%. You have to give it to be it. And if you are not putting in work into your relationship, you could find yourself being the 20 and the new girl/guy being the 80. Check yourself.

However, don't let fear of possibly not getting out there what you're getting at home keep you in a relationship that's unfulfilling. This rule doesn't mean that there's not someone better out there. (It also doesn't mean you should be jumping from person to person searching for something better either). Be sure you are truly getting what you need out of your relationship and be sure you are giving your partner what they need. Because then, it doesn't matter how bad ass that 20% is, your partner won't even notice.


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JenDay said...

I just happened by your blog, and this post really spoke to me! I definitely feel like I can relate to this... I don't want to go looking for the 20!!

D-Redd said...

This 80/20 rule is a good determining factor and helped me to assess my situation and what I was giving/receiving.

Although it wasn't presented to me as 80/20 per se, it still holds the same weight. If you are not happy in your relationship most of the time, something is definitely wrong.

Could be you're not seeing/appreciating what you have. Could be your trying to make something out of an illusion.

Either way, you have to ask the 'hard questions' and be brutally honest about the answers as they are revealed.

When I give people relationship advice (only solicited, of course), I always advise them to watch for those famous red flags. Pretending they're not waving in your face will certainly lead you into the danger zone.