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Friday, March 5, 2010

Can't Control It

11:14 PM |

Love the one you're with....

You are familiar with the phrase "You can't control who you fall in love with", right? It's usually used when someone is defending something like an interracial relationship, older man and a 12 year old (don't worry I don't literally mean 12, that's what I say when I mean really REALLY young). But it's always the fall back like that's a good answer or response. Like love is this mystical force that tackles you down when you least expect it.

Really? So. Last time I checked love was one of our emotions. So if I understand this correctly, I'm supposed to control my anger, my fear, my sadness, but love is not controllable? For real?

I don't believe that love is this microwave emotion. I think it takes time to grow and develop and become stronger. So if you really don't want to fall in love with someone, then don't spend time with them. Don't hang around them. Don't get close, share feelings, all those things you do with someone you're trying to build a bond with.

People throw this love thing around so carelessly. Like it's a new trend like apparently having babies has now become (but that's for another post). "I just met jo-jo yesterday but he bought me a soda when I was really thirsty so that shows he loves me and I love him sooooo much". Hooch please.

Don't tell me that love takes time to grow and develop and then turn around and say you can't control it. It's a cop out.