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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Curse of The Nice Guy

11:10 AM |

It's not an insult...

Tell a man you know that you think he's a nice guy and watch his reaction. He will usually look at you like as if you just shot him full of lead. Why? What is wrong with being a nice guy? A friend of mine hates the fact that girls tell him all the time he's a nice guy. I don't understand why that's an insult.

There's nothing wrong with being a nice guy. Growing up as little girls, we're told to wait for our Prince Charming. That's what many women are looking for. What girl doesn't want a man who is sweat, caring, know an all around nice guy?? But don't forget that Prince Charming often fought beasts, killed dragons, beheaded witches for his love.

Don't be a candy-ass. If you get told you're 'too nice', then you're being viewed as a push-over. Women like nice guys, but what we don't like are push-overs. Being nice doesn't mean you stop being a man. Handle business, take charge, make your woman feel like she is safe, protected and secure. Have a thought in your head; an opinion. Don't be afraid to stick up for yourself and for your lady. And if you do meet a girl who doesn't like nice guys, watch her....really....I mean it......something may not be right in there.


~Snow said...

There is nothing wrong with being a nice guy. But there are some guys who think that because a girl calls them nice, it means that the girl views them as just being a nice person, and not a suitable dating partner. The guy may not have a crush on you, but he probably still checks you out. Most guys are really... pervy, shall we call it.

Professor Locs said...

The nice guy thing is pretty much the kiss of death for any potential romantic exchange. Most women fall for the hyper-masculine image of what they want in a man. Nice guys do not fit that package. What you do not account for is that if he is the hyper-masculine type he knows he is in demand and works that to his advantage, ie..male