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Interested Signal #2.....

To continue the discussion we started with the first post, we're going to talk about another HUGE way a woman shows that she's interested in a man.

---Interested Signal #2---
She Returns Your Calls

If a girl is truly interested in you, you'll hear from her.  No matter how busy she is.  It may not be long drawn out conversations every time.  It may not even be during normal hours.  But if she's feeling you, she'll return your calls, texts, IMs. There is not a single woman I know, who will not find some way, any way, to talk to a guy she's feeling.  

No one I know is busy all day.  They may have a busy day/busy life, but they're not busy all day. They take bathroom breaks.  Eat.  Walk to a car.  Ride an elevator. Turn in to go to sleep. There are moments where they can slip in a simple "I'm thinking of you/I got your message/Hi" text or quick phone call. There are even apps that let you leave a voice mail so that if you wanted to call during an hour when you know he may be asleep you can find a way to do that without disturbing you.  All these ideas of playing hard to get and making him chase you go out the window.  Sure we will try not to be OVERLY available.  But you will hear from us.  That is a promise.

Girls who don't call back, who don't respond when you want to get together are not interested.  A lot of times you can be a really nice guy and she may just not be feeling you in that way.  Not knowing how to tell you that without seeming like a bitch is what often leads a girl to be 'sometimey'.  Some times she talks to you.  Some times she doesn't.  Some times she responds.  Some times she doesn't.  

One of the surest ways to know that a girl isn't really interested is if you talk to her, discuss hanging out, then when the day comes to actually hang out she's no where to be found.  You know she's not busy.  She's told you that.  But alas, she's seemed to all but vanish.  Not saying that she's stood you up technically.  Because what will not have happened in that last conversation will be any concrete plans made.  You guys will just discuss what you may want to do, but she'll be gone when it's time to set the definite plans.  I'll admit it, I've done that move myself.  For me, it was just easier than saying I don't like you like that. I feel it was less harsh to just go missing than to actually come out and say the words. It's wrong. I know it. And If necessary I'd do it again.

Bottom line, people make time for who and what they want to make time for.  No matter how busy they are. So if they're not getting back to you, it's not because they can't "find" the time, they just don't want to make the time.