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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Man Not woMan

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Can't stand a man with female traits...

Sometimes I get asked, "What do you like in a man?" I'm still working that out. I'll be posting that list here when it does finally get developed. One time I was asked, what I don't like in a man. That can simply be put into these words: I like a man. Not a man with female tendencies. Then I get a look of confusion. What does that mean? Well...4 major female traits that tend to turn me off when I see them displayed by men.

4. Primpin', Primpin' is a no-no, little girl.

Want to go with me to get mani-pedi's? Great. Love a man who has nice hands and feet. Keep those caterpillar brows in order or remove that unappealing back hair with a regular waxing done by a professional? FABULOUS! Love to be decked out in the latest styles and trends in fashion? Get it! I think it's great when a man takes pride in his appearance. But if you take more than an hour to get ready, we have problem here. You don't like to wait 2 hours for women to get ready, then please don't make me wait either. Time is of the essence and I hate to have to sit and wait. Just so you are aware, I can go from busted to diva in less than 30 minutes. I need for you to be able to do the same.

3. Excessive crying, is female tendency.

Don't get me wrong. There's nothing wrong with a man crying. There are times and circumstances that truly warrant it. Who knows, sometimes maybe you guys do get like women and just feel the need to lock yourself in a room and cry for no reason at all every once in a while....perhaps?...Maybe? That's ok. What is not ok is for you to be a cry baby. Meaning if we get into an argument/discussion and I say ohhhh...I dunno...."that's a bitch move"....I'ma need for you to not march upstairs and lock yourself in a room and fall face down on the bed crying. Accusing me of being mean. Man. MAN UP! Nothing I ever say to you will be from a place of trying to hurt you or belittle you, etc. I'm just not that chic. Either way....really?....does this have to even be said?

2. If you are a man and have ever in your life uttered the words "You should know what I'm thinking", that is a female tendency.

Men, you hate it when women throw that line at you so I had better NOT hear it come out of your mouth. Not if you want to be My Boo. If you have spent any time at all with me, or have read my blog you can clearly see that I don't have whatever that magical female ESP is. I'm going to be honest. If whatever you are thinking/feeling/wanting comes from a place of assumption and not a place of dictation, I probably will not get it/know it/do it. I've been told many times I think like a man, and more than likely you've probably said it to me yourself. So going on that logic...NO I don't know what you are thinking. Don't get mad at me for that ish either. Just tell me what you want.

1. I..can't stand...a chatty-ass man.

If you are: A) always on your cell phone talking or texting, B) gossiping or C) present a mini dissertation to someone when you are asked "How are you today", that is a female tendency. I may say a lot here and some days I may say a lot in real life. However in general, I am not a chatty person. I like a man who can talk and can express himself. But not in excess. And there is nothing wrong with being on the phone, just please exercise restraint when you are with me. It's very rude to sit and text constantly when you another person. Put the phone down and pay them some attention. And if you ever pull up a chair next to me and start whispering "Boo, did you hear what old Mrs. Mary up the street said about JJ in apartment 216", I'm looking at the front door...


Nakia Stewart said...

I know exactly what you mean!! There are some men out there that need to read your posts. I'm sure they will take a few steps back and say "Man, this is me". Some men need a wake up call and check themselves because things like this are getting out of control.

Nakia Stewart said...

Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I like reading your blogs so keep blogging. I look to your site everyday and I noticed that you haven't written anything lately. Is everything ok?

Miss_A said...

Thanks for the support! I do my best to write as much as possible, but you know, sometimes life catches up to you. But I promise I'm working on some more :D

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading and subscribing to your feed. Please stop by my page sometime.