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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


12:16 PM |

Sleeping with a broken heart...

How do you recover from falling for someone? Whether it's falling in love, like or infatuation, falling for someone can often hurt. When the dust clears and the flowers are dead and gone, how do you get over that person?

Is it easier when the feelings were mutual? Meaning, if you were in a relationship and it ends, is it easier to find a way to get over that person? Of course it's not easy, but perhaps there are more ways to cope with it. You have people to talk to and lean on. You have the knowledge that the other person is probably going through some of the same things you are. You have people who have been in your position before that can offer advice and help take your mind off of it. Even though you may feel like you are alone, you're not alone.

Is it harder when the feelings are your own to bear? Meaning, if you have a feelings for someone, a crush so to speak, and the other doesn't know, is it harder to get over them? I say yes it's harder. Why? Because you have no one who is sharing your same feelings. No one you can really talk to. More likely than not you are the only one who knows you had those feelings for that person. You're dealing with your feelings alone.

Either way recovery is a hard, tedious road for many people. Especially depending on the circumstances. So what do you do? Lay around in the dark and cry until you have no more tears? Distract yourself with work? Over compensate for your loss by jumping into bed with any and everyone? Pretend that the feelings never existed? What does it take to stop you from sleeping with a broken heart?


dldlaura said...

GGirl, I'd love to know if you figure out the easiest and fastest way to recovery. I'm not sure healing from a broken heart is even possible; I think it sticks with you forever, hidden in a deep corner of your soul. The key is probably finding a way to let it go and move on, allowing yourself to be happy again, and taking a chance on someone else.

On a random note, I think it's actually easier when you're the only one bearing those feelings. If you know the other person is hurting in some way too, that just makes the situation so much more real and difficult to forget. I can control (i.e. manipulate) my own feelings and thoughts so much better if I don't have to worry for another person's heart. I'm selfish that way. Sad, I know. But I hate being responsible for breaking someone else's heart. That hurts more than my own pain :(

Miss_A said...

dldlaura, I have to agree with you on the dealing with your feelings alone thing. You are right. I too hate being responsible for breaking someone else's heart. I guess when you look at it both sides can be just as hard. On the one hand you have your feelings and someone else's feelings you're coping with. On the other your feelings are your own to bear. And while you may have more control when you're the only one in pain, it still sucks to have to go at recovery alone.