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Thoughts on Steve Harvey's Book...

I recently completed reading Steve Harvey's Book "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man: What Men Really Think About Love, Relatioships, Intimacy, and Committment". It offers up some interesting perspective on how a man thinks. For me it didn't really present a whole lot of new ideas because, apparently, I think much like a man (or so I've been told). However, for most of my friends, this book is a must read. So many of them are wandering in this world of confusion and I think this will help them gain some ground.

The book was very straight forward. At times I felt it may have been a bit too "men are simple". But he was good to note that his opinions were more or less typical not absolute. Meaning that there are some men that are not necessarily thinking in the manner he was describing. He has his "Nine Month Rule", he talks about the three things that define a man, and he speaks on what it takes to keep a man happy. I think it was time for a man to give his honest opinion about relationships to women because often the only advice women get or seek out is from other women. And let's just be honest, that advice is not always sound. Why not get it from the horses mouth.

Truthfully the only true thing I think I walked away thinking a bit differently about was about having standards or requirements. It's not to say I don't have standards because I do. What I find myself doing is having no expectations. That's just not about men, that's just in general. And according to his book, that can determine whether or not I present myself as a keeper. That men who are looking to stick around are looking for that. I think many women get in to this thinking that if they "play hard to get" then they'll miss out. Steve says that's not the case. Be clear, it's not about playing games, but about letting men know that you're not just a play thing. For me that was the most interesting part of the book. I don't do that play hard to get game. Too old for that. But, I have no expectations really about anything, and I have to explore a bit why that is.

All in all I think it's a great book. I think many women out there can benefit from his honest opinion. I do think, though, that women have a way of explaining things away. I think that what will end up happening is women adding a lot of "but", or "well", or "except for" in there. Letting Steve's status as a comedian dilute the honesty of his statements. Which is a shame, because this book could really do some good. Sadly, I know women and I can hear one of them now explaining away a lot of his rational in the book. I think if women get out of their own heads and look at what is being presented right in front of them, they wouldn't be so damn confused. Good job.

Oh, and I finally got the book "The Color Complex". There was only one copy at the very bottom of the shelf wedged in between two larger books, I almost didn't see it. Let you know what I think about that soon.