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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Girl Effect

2:38 PM |

Changing the world one girl at a time...

I just happened upon this site called The Girl Effect. This non-profit believes that by changing the lives of girls you have the ability to drastically improve the life of a family, a village, a country. Their site contains interesting statistics such as: for every development dollar spent, girls receive less that 2 cents and girls are shown to invest 90% of their income into their family while men only invest 30-40%. The Nike Foundation even assisted with the set up of their page on YouTube. Considering where girls and women fit into the cycle of life, family, everything, I think this idea is a good one. Take some time and visit the site The Girl Effect or their page on YouTube and learn more.


Lawrenorder said...

I like this! Probably because it's completely true! Nature made women selfless for a reason... and I think this might be it. I think this will go on my philanthropy list. :-) Great post!