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My home girl told me about the first one. So I decided to share a few others.

Two men were arrested after they flashed police lights at a car in front of them. They didn't attempt to approach the car. When it pulled over they drove off. Unfortunately for them, the car they flash was driven by an off-duty police officer. The off-duty officer of course contacted some on duty officers who eventually surrounded the pair. One was arrested for impersonating an officer and the other was arrested for assault on an officer.

A woman was arrested attempting to pay a ticket. Her crime? She drove to the courthouse in a stolen car. Deputies were given an anonymous tip that she would be in a stolen car. She had been in court two weeks prior and was found not guilty of possession of a stolen tag and guilty of driving without possession of a state driver's license.

A man wrote a not demanding money in attempt to rob a bank. This scholar wrote said note on the back his personal check. Authorities could still make out the information on the check though he blacked it out. Nothing more to say there.


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