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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Shut Up And Drive (again)

12:35 AM |

....what lies in the mind of a road rager

If you are un-aware, I hate non-drivers. My initial rant began out loud last year...
"To all those stupid bitches who decide they like to drive side by side on all three lanes. When did the speed limit on the freeway change to 45? Who made the rule that the left lane is the cruise lane? All you mutha fuckers who don't have a job to go to stay the hell off the road between the hours of 7 to 830 and 3 to 630. You got no where to go so why the hell you gotta get to nowhere early as shit. Sleep in bitches. FYI the lane that merges on to the highway is called the ACCELERATION LANE!! Which means excellerate you non driving assholes not slam on breaks! And what could I possibly have on the front of my car that makes it ok for you to turn out infront of me. If there's no one behind me WAIT a few more seconds. GRACIOUS!"

I expanded my rant in Road Rage 2.0. And tonight (this morning) I have come across a lovely poem by Poetri done on HBO's Def Poetry. Please. Enjoy.


Lawrenorder said...

That performance is hilarious!