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Saturday, October 20, 2007


11:29 PM |

...a simple fantasy?

What do your dreams mean? Not your "hopes and dreams". The dreams that come to you when your body restores itself from the days activities. 1/3 of our lives are spent sleeping and in an average life time we spend 6 years dreaming. It's said that men typically dream more about other men no comment there. Women dream about men and women equally. Typically I believe I have a dreamless sleep. That could indicate that I have a protein deficiency or a personality disorder. I'm thinking that's not the case. I've also been told that I snore and it's said that when you snore you are not dreaming. (Hopefully I'm not too loud, I can't help it if my allergies inhibit my breathing!). So that could be it. Maybe I do dream, but I just don't remember them. 5 minutes after the end of the dream you forget 1/2 of it. After 10 minutes, 90% of it is gone. Being that I have 2 alarms that go off within 2 minutes of each other for an hour, my dreams are long gone before I'm conscious. Usually the only dreams I have that I remember are nightmares. That's probably because they jerk me out of my REM sleep. Dreamers who are awaken out of REM sleep tend to remember the dream more than those who sleep through the night. They are always one of two things. Either I'm being chased or I'm falling. So if I add everything up I am a protein deficient, anxious, insecure, unstable chic with a personality disorder. There are more details to the meaning of those dreams. Apparently there's some message there I need to pay attention to. What do your dreams mean?