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iPHONES TOXIC? if brain cancer wasn't enough

So my mother calls me the other night all in what I can only remotely describe as a mild tissy about the fact that my sister told her that she saw on the news that the iPhones are supposedly hazardous to your health. Apparently scientists at Greenpeace Research Laboratories at the U.K.'s University of Exeter who dismantled the phone and tested 18 of its components found brominated flame retardants (BFRs) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). These chemicals are shown to have adverse effects on reproduction in mammals. Apple says that the levels of these chemicals are in compliance with US and ROHS regulations. A majority of the components that contain these chemicals are contained within the phone. Beneath all the covers. Before today the only articles I found stated that the problem was not directly with the iPhone but with the earbuds that are shipped with it. Apparently these chemicals are what help provide flexibilty with plastics. The watchdog groups said that they are harmful to people because tend to chew and suck on these components and that will put the chemical in the body. One I just read stated that the simple contact with the cord exposes us to the chemical. I saw the earbuds that come with the iPhone and to me they appear to be your standard grade Apple headphones. If the problem is primarily with those, then attack that and not the phone. Also if the chemical was that harmful, there would be some type of recall. Not to say that we are not exposed to deadly chemicals on a daily basis anyway. Nor am I saying that Apple isn't recalling just because there isn't a direct relation to their products and a death yet. Just pick what you're going to die from and go happy. Read more..


Lawrenorder said...

Exactly! We've all been given a death sentence and it's called life. So pick your poison and have a ball.

FYI-You're going to find BFRs on anything that has the potential to pass or be in the vicinity of current. That includes kitchen appliances, the plastic houses for televisions, and my personal favorite, carpets and other flooring.

As for PVCs, every looked at the plastic pipes in some houses? That's right! PVC pipes. You'll also find PVC in the magnetic stripe on your credit/debit cards, flooring, and in another form you'll even find it in some clothes.

So basically, there's a lot of bad stuff out there, and pretty much anything can be toxic. Don't chew on plastic, and don't drink stuff that has crossbones on it (because most warning labels will let you know not to chew on your electronics, especially if they're turned on).

But yeah, bromine anything is a bad idea...

Tony Stark said...

....I knew those damn phones were jinxed ;)