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...why does it cost so much to just live?

As I look around my lovely home I notice things. I notice things like you have no living room furniture. The floors in your bathroom still need to be redone. The kitchen needs new counters. The basement needs a floor. I can't see out of 1/2 of my windows..those need to be replaced. There are tons of other things that you need to do. Then I ask myself..."Shorty" (that's what I call myself sometimes) have a nice job, no kids, no man to spend your money on. Why don't you have more things? Why??? BILLS DAMN IT! Monthly I pay 15 people money. 15. It's not that I have a lot of credit cards. I only have one. Think about it, after you pay gas, mortgage, phone, cell, cable, car, that's six right there. God forbid you have any additional expenses (security system, terminex, credit card, gym membership, HOA, Home owners insurance, car insurance, don't forget student loans) and there it goes. All your money. How am I supposed to save for a rainy day?

They always say that money is not the key to happiness. I don't know if that is all true. The number 4 reason couples divorce is because of money. (Preceded only by cheating, communication issues and abuse.) Suicide rates are the highest among unemployed and impoverished people. We all know a majority of the reasons people start hustling and selling is to make money. There are so many other things in our lives that I believe money controls (which I won't mention care, I'm coming for you soon). If it's not that important then why is everyone chasing that dollar? I guess money really is the root of all evil.

I could streamline and reduce the things I have. But why? I work. I work hard. Why can't I enjoy the things I want to. All in moderation of course. Notice nothing I want really involve frivolous things. I'm not saying I need money to make me happy. However I do know that when I don't have it I am miserable. No one likes the stress of trying to figure out how to pay and who to pay first and who doesn't need to be paid right now. I guess it's time for me to get back on my hustle.