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Monday, July 25, 2011

Not A Good Look

8:19 PM |

They're called an undershirts for a reason...

I really do hate to make my 'Not A Good Look' posts about actual looks, but with it being as hot as it is I really must say external 'wife beaters' and white t's are not the business. Now I can sort of give you a pass if the t's are fresh out of the box, and excellent quality. But let's just be honest here...those are not the one's you fellas are wearing.

If you're T is so thin I could watch TV through it and all of your unruly, taco meat is visible through the shirt, you should not be wearing that alone. If you're shirts are so stretched out you could take it off by sliding it down around your hips, that is not grocery store appropriate apparel. If your shirts are so stained it looks more like a denver nuggets jersey, you don't need to wear that out in public.

If you really just need a white T, there are plenty of places you can get an appropriate one from for a good price. Cause, boo, beat down beaters and raggedy white T's are just not a good look.