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Saturday, July 30, 2011

You Smelt It, You Dealt It

7:11 PM |

Point one at me, you have 3 pointing at you...

So here you are in your relationship...chugging along...everything is all gravy. You're vibing with them, they're apparently vibing with you then all of a sudden...they start trippin. They're looking through your phone, checking up on where you're going, claiming you're checking out the next man in line at the grocery store, accusing you of cheating. And you're left standing there, shields out wondering where in the world all of this came from.

Usually most of that noise is comes from a guilty conscious. They know what they've managed to have time and desire to get into, so they think you could very well be doing the same thing. Why wouldn't you be doing the same thing? How could you not be doing the same thing? And they're going to start flapping around and clucking to distract you from focusing on them.

Before you go above and beyond trying to prove to your significant other that you're not out there doing them wrong, you may want to stop and watch them for a second. You may find out that, in the midst of this slanderous hurricane, they're the one who's been out there double dipping their fun stick.