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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Good Look

11:40 AM |

Respect the personal space...

I often spend so much time on here talking about the grimier side of people, I think it's time to recognize some of the good things people do. Today I have to say thank you to all of those who are respectful of someone else's personal space.

People often forget how important that personal space is. Think about how the perceptions about the dynamics of a conversation can change just based on the proximity of the people involved. People standing farther apart tell a different story than two standing face to face. Fight vs respectable disagreement. Casual conversation vs intimate discussion.

Sometimes the respect of that personal space is just polite. For example, today at the drug store the person behind me actually waited in line at a nice distance. Giving me the privacy to check out the items I needed and complete my transaction without having to hide the credit card screen under my hand for fear of prying eyes. Too often I find the back of my neck warm from the nostril air because the person behind me is right up on me. So thank you respectful stranger. And thank you to all those who respect the bubble.