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Monday, July 18, 2011

Be Easy on the Best Friend

10:40 PM |

They are not your 'yes' man...

So I'll be honest, the inspiration for this post came from after watching an episode of Basketball Wives. (Don't judge me - hear me out). Back story: In the episode one of the ladies made remarks against her 'best friend's' man. She apparently has not celebrated in the engagement or be the most excited about the relationship. The remarks she made about the relationship were on a radio show and ultimately brought these issues to the surface. The hurt woman is upset that her best friend isn't happy for her or apparently supportive.

I understand that it hurst to have your friend not be happy for you when you are so happy or excited about your situation. And, while I do believe that it was wrong for the girl to say those negative comments about her girl's man on the air, I think people need to stop expecting for their friends to co-sign every decision they make. It is not the responsibility of the best friend to be your yes man. And them not supporting every decision you make does not make them haters either.

They are your friend. They are the ones that are often left carrying you when you've fallen down broken. They're the one's who's shoulders are soaking wet from letting you cry on them. They're supposed to be there not only to support you but to also help you keep from making poor decisions, because they truly care about you. It would be wrong of them not to call you on your shit from time to time.

And let's be honest. How many times do you expect for your friend to sit quietly while they watch you continuously make the same mistakes over and over and over again. Eventually those constant conscious mistakes and those poor decision making skills start to make a person question wether you are the type of person they need to be associating with. And sadly the relationship starts to erode.

I can honestly say that I've watched several of many of the people in my life make decisions I have not agreed with several times. All you can do is speak your piece in the most respectful way possible (sometimes) and hope that your friend, being your friend, hears it in the way it was intended.