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Thursday, February 10, 2011

You Are Not Nappy

12:12 PM |

and claiming kinky is not cute...

I gotta say. I can't stand it when natural girls, sites, hair care products, etc. refer to their hair texture as kinky, nappy, coarse, etc. I didn't like to hear girls refer to their tresses that way when I was relaxed and I like it even less now that I'm natural.

Nappy and kinky were never words that I heard as terms of endearment growing up. Even still today they can be hurtful if said in the wrong context. I am amazed to see all of these sisters that claim to love who they are and love themselves refer to their hair in terms that were once used to make us feel ashamed or self-concious about our natural texture. Proud for someone to consider them nappy. OK with ignorant beauticians who dismiss their hair as coarse (when natural hair is often more delicate than chemically treated hair). I just don't get it.

I mean..picture it...two dudes at the bar having a conversation:
"Check out that nappy headed chic at the end of the bar.....she is sooo sexy."
That's flattering??

I guess it's because I've never understood why Black people feel the need to try and make words that were used to belittle us "our own". As if that removes any of the sting or the real meaning behind it when it's said out of our own personal guidelines. You can say I'm being overly sensitive all you want. I just think our beliefs of taking a word and 'transforming' it's meaning is a bunch of BS. I mean really.