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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Not A Good Look

12:02 PM |

Uggs and sweats...

Just because I saw entirely too much of it yesterday when I was driving around the city I have to make Ugg boots with sweat pants my topic of today. And I must say it's not just the Uggs with sweat pants. It's the entire look that is just absolutely unacceptable.

Let me describe it for you from the bottom up. Uggs (choose your color), sweat pants(an off color from the uggs - often accompanied by PINK written across the butt---tucked into the boots), some type of mystery shirt hidden under a pull over fleece or windbreaker type zip up jacket (also an off color), hair in a high pony tail with some type of head band.


It looks terrible! And the simple fact that soooo many people do this look in the EXACT---SAME---WAY is even worse. I saw about 3-4 of them grouped out together all rocking this fashion horror standing on the curb outside of an electronics store. There are so many other ways to rock the 'I just jumped out of bed and put anything on look' or announce to the world that 'I am a college student'. This needs to quickly cycle itself out. Because the Uggs with sweat pants ensemble is just not a good look.


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