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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Not A Good Look

11:00 AM |

Public primping...

Why on earth do people feel the need to step out of their cars and begin to brush their hair, and put on make-up? I'm not talking about a quick run through of the hair with their fingers or a touch up of the lip gloss before walking into work. I'm talking about the brothers with the brown natural bristle brushes cupped in their hands brushing the fade foreword and the ladies pulling out entire makeup bags, putting them on the top of the car and going to town on their day look.

Back when I was younger, my mother would look at me sideways if I put Chapstick on in public. I'd get told off if I did it at the table or while talking to another person. She'd have a old-southern-woman-church-faint if she witnessed what I see on a daily basis. Little combs out to get the food out of your beards, walking through traffic putting on mascara, flipping hair upside down - comb*comb* - right side up -comb*comb - to the left- comb*comb - to the right - comb*comb - now ponytail. Changing clothes in the parking lot, standing up outside of the car, all doors open, flesh out for the world to see.

Do you all not have any reflective surfaces in your possession other than your car? No mirrors at home? No TV to look at your reflection in? No shiny keychains? No windows? No round doorknobs? No clean dishes? No metal faucets? Nothing reflective to help you put yourself together before you enter the outside world?

If you have to freshen up, use the restroom. That's part of what it's there for. You can also touch yourself up at your desk. Just not out everywhere for everyone to see. It's not cute and it's most definitely not a good look.