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Monday, June 28, 2010

Fade Into The Background

Let a woman be a woman and a man be a man...

The other day I was watching one of the last Chris Rock stand-up specials, Kill The Messenger and he made a joke about the possibility of having a black first lady during the election season. Wanna hear it?

So, let me first say I thought the joke was quite funny. Laughed all the way through his special like I always do. But it got me black women know how to "play their position"?

Are black women strong? Yes. Can black women be a dominating presence? Absolutely. It's a role that we've been in for centuries. We can't ignore the historical context of how the slavery affected the roles of black men and women. Overtime, our "strength" evolved due to the single parent households, the alarming disproportionate number of black men being incarcerated, and violence in our communities. So we had no choice but to learn to not only "play" our position but the man's position as well.

However, black women can grow, adapt, and play any role assigned to them. We can be the home makers, we can raise and take care of children, we can do all those things we are "supposed" to do and then some. I know of not one black woman that would have a problem "playing her position". Can we follow? Of course we can. But the one we follow has to be able to lead. We're not going to be dragged down into the muck of foolishness following behind someone with no sense. It's unfortunate, but as a man, you have to show and prove you are worthy to be followed. It is only once you have proven yourself worthy, that a woman, especially a black woman, will relinquish some of the control.

AND, if we are going to be truly honest, think about all those dumb chics that follow behind a man..any man..and do whatever he says. No matter how stupid it is. So to say that a black woman can't or won't play her position, whatever that's supposed to be is just wrong.

So do black women know how to play their position? My answer? Yes. But you have to ask yourself men, do you know how to play yours?