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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Where In The World Is GGirl?

9:10 AM |

I'm In New Yorkkkkkk....

Hello good people. I kinda went underground for a good little minute. Trying to work my way back up from the muck of every day life and I have resurfaced in Brooklyn for vacation. I must say. I'm digging it.

While I was making my way up here, I noticed a few things that I will never understand about flying...

1. No matter who I fly with, or where I'm going, my departing gate is never EVER one of the first 5 gates closest to the entrance. I am always walking to the last gates. And it's never one of the NEXT to last gate or a gate in the middle, it's always the very last gate.

2. Why do people corral around the gate like cows ready to make a run for it? Unless you are flying Southwest where it's first come first served, what is the point of crowding the gate? Your ticket has a number and a zone or whatever just like mine. All you're doing is rushing to have someones gut/balls/cooch in your face as people attempt to stuff a bag too large in the remaining overhead bins, or you are rushing to wait to knock people in the head with your carry on bags.

3. Why do airlines oversell a flight? They can count can't they? And why do they expect for someone, who has planed and paid for this flight, give up their seat for a later flight? While I may have flexible travel plans, why would I want to wait another hour or so in the airport? The airport sucks!

4. Don't be snippy with the flight attendants. That's just rude. But I don't really understand why you would do snack/drink service about 10 minutes before we start our decent. If we get a snack or drink we have to put the trays right back up, suck down our drinks really quickly or we'll miss the trash collection. If it's a short flight I'm sure we'd notice if we didn't get our soda or pretzels, but I doubt we'd really care.

5. PERSONAL SPACE! There are like 5 other empty seats in this waiting area. Go over there. And if you have to sit right beside me, pretend that there is a wall attached to the arm rests defining your space. Stay in your space. If you don't want your bag, cup, stuff in front of your feet what makes you think I want your stuff in front of my feet?

So what's on the agenda while I'm here? A lot and a little, either way I'm just happy to be out of North Carolina and ready to see what's going on in NY. Don't worry. I'll be sure to tell you guys all about it.