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Thursday, May 14, 2009

There is no Chicken or Egg

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It's just chicken...

So black people love to talk about our status, education, values, etc. and basically whose fault it is that we're all fucked up. No matter who is carrying on the discussion, what the topic is of that day, be it education or hell...I don't know health care, someone always brings in the music. It's the music we listen to, the music promotes this way of life, the music makes us stupid...part of the fault lies in the music. Then it eventually turns into a discussion about whether or not the music is promoting this negative culture or if it's the negative circumstances the artists have lived in directing the focus of their music.


Here it is.

There is no need to have a chicken or egg discussion when it comes to music. Music is made from the people. And the people want money. If it don't make dollars then it don't make sense. Now there are those artists that are out there grinding putting out music they love and that they feel reflects their message. But there are just as many out there that are just trying to make paper. And the people in power don't give a rats ass about the message. They want to know if that artist can make them money. Why? Because they shell out thousands upon thousands of dollars on that person to make them a star. You better believe they would not do that if they didn't expect to see a return in their investment. In's not the music's fault.

Don't like it, then start supporting your local music stores, independent artists and conscious musicians.

God, black people. We love to blame someone, something, no matter how arbitrary it is. That has to stop. We're never going to get anywhere if we're not ready to have an honest discussion about our issues. We have to take responsibilities for the messes that we've made. Start cleaning up at home. Put your ignorant child in front of a book instead of the PS3. Stop calling the schools asking why little Johnny can't turn in his homework late instead of making him own up to his own failures. Don't blame your job for keeping you oblivious to your child's actions. Better parents than you have worked for centuries and have managed to produce good kids. Stop blaming the school system for not educating your child when you didn't take the time to start giving them the fundamentals before you put them in school. Make them play with blocks, color, teach them basic shapes instead of the bird walk. Pay attention!

We were dealt a shitty card in life. Our history is littered with so much oppression and hardship. But we survived. We are the products of the ones who were strong enough to make the journey over. We are the product of the ones who were smart enough survive life in the fields. We are the product of those who were brave enough to escape. Do you think they could have made it as far as they did by constantly blaming others? So why the hell do you think we'll advance any further than we are today by doing so? You want to tattoo Kunta on your back and wear the fist on your chest but you don't want to own up to your responsibilities. Man please.

Get it together.