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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Age Ain't Nuthin But A Number

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Her December to His May...

To track my train of thought would be utterly pointless, but today I got to thinking about people who are dating someone significantly older or younger than they are. Can those relationships really work?

Some say no. For the simple fact that as the difference in years increase, so do the differences in expectations and current life positions. For example, it is very possible that someone 18-21 has a very different outlook on their life than someone in their mid to late 30's. Some say that the maturity level is different, their life experiences are different, etc. Some also just say that it's gross. What does a grown ass man/woman want with a child.

On the other hand some say yes. I know people who have been married for years with a significant other that is 15 years their junior. It hasn't been without its share of hardships but all in all they're still together. Some say the key is to find someone that's at the same point in their lives as you are in yours. It is very possible that a woman in her early 20's is ready to settle down and a man in his early 30's is ready to have a family and they can make it work. However, I was talking to my cousin who is in a May/December romance and while I thought they were doing good, it appears that things are a bit rocky. Primarily because they can't seem to work out the stage in life issue.

In the end I guess it's another to each his own situation. (Personally I can't get down with a man that's too much older.....that's too close to being like daddy and that's just gross). Can it work? Sure, there have been plenty of examples out there to support that. In the end, age really doesn't appear to matter. It's all about the person you are with and what the two of you want out of life. If they match, no matter what the age difference is, I say get yours. The pool is too small to limit it by age too!


Lawrenorder said...

My group of friends has adopted the 1/2 plus 7 rule. Going younger, the lower limit for a guy is 1/2 his age plus 7 years. This scales quite nicely, for a 40 year old guy his lower limit is 27 (no problems there). For a 21 year old guy his lower limit is (17... kinda skeevy, but they could still be in college at the same time). We agree that this could also hold true for women... we haven't decided if this works on the upper limit too.. a 40 year old's upper limit as 67... a 21 year old's upper limit as 37... no, I guess it works the other way too. To find your range.. 1/2 your age + 7. Word.