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Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Prototype

10:38 PM |

What's your type?

So many people get upset when people even begin to utter the idea that they date a certain type of person. I promise if I hear the phrase "I don't have a type, I like all girls/guys" I'll scream. Truth is EVERYONE has a type.

The first think people think of when someone says "type" is the physical. What they look like. My friend like to clown me saying I only like them light, bright and pretty. But if you look at my dating history that's not the case. Don't tell a guy he has a "type" he'll lose it. I guess because they don't want to seem shallow or bias. But truthfully they have a type. Everyone does. It's what attracts you to another person. If there wasn't a type of person you were looking for, how are you attracted to anyone?

To clarify, when I use the idea of having a type I don't mean just the physical. Though it is true that many people out there do tend to date a certain type of woman or man. When I use the idea of type I'm going deeper than the surface. Be honest with yourself. There is a type of person you are attracted to. There are certain ideals, the way the person carries themselves, the way the person interacts with other people, it's their vibe, their air, etc. All these attributes make up a type of person. And that type is what you are attracted to. Now that "type" may come in a brown-skinned sista with a mini-fro or a blended baby with multi-cultural features.

To say that you don't have a type means you're out there dating ever tom, dick and jane that crosses your path. And you're not doing that. Why? Because they don't have the attributes that you are attracted to. In other words...they are not your type. Be it physically, socially, personality wise, they are not your type.

So if you really think about it you know what your type is. Don't get testy. There's nothing with that.