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Thursday, May 14, 2009

And Another Thing

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Can we get over the Oprah and the chicken thing. People she did not buy all you black people chicken. She did not buy all the people in America chicken. It's called marketing you dumb fucks. What the hell Oprah want to buy you chicken for? She just rolled over on her billions one day and said you know what...the people want chicken...I'm going to buy them chicken? Be real. Don't get me wrong the coupon was a very real and legitimate thing. But Oprah didn't buy it for you. Stop writing about how she's done something horrible wrong because you didn't get your 2 piece with slaw and mashed potatoes.

And what are you mad about anyway? Why did you even in your wildest dreams think that with the millions/billions of people in this nation you were going to be able to all log on at the same time and print this coupon. No web host in the world can handle that much traffic. And why on earth did you think that you could all go on the same day? It's a flippin coupon. Take your time. Use your brain. If you really wanted the chicken that bad, why not wait until you know everyone is going home from work, or late that night when people are asleep. That's how I got mine. And you know what, I didn't even use it cause honestly...the KFC up the street is a little suspect.

Read the fine print. Look for the expiration date and behave like you have some sense. Reading is fundamental. I heard people complaining about how when they did get their chicken they couldn't get what they wanted. Duh...says so right on the coupon...managers choice...meaning the manager chooses what you're about to eat. Don't get mad at them cause you're illiterate.

And I'm through...


Becks said...

Oprah gave away KFC????? Really, what else is there for her to do. She can just die now.


She gave away KFC?