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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bills, Bills, Bills

9:35 PM |

Perhaps I'll feel better once it's off my chest....

So fam, let's be honest, I'm not the best person when it comes to paying things on time. Not because I choose not to, but because I honestly don't have it. I know. It's bad. Messes up my credit and what not. I'm aware, but like everyone else, I'm doing my best. Not to say you won't get paid, just may not be on time. So with that out there I can say that yes, I do in fact get those dreaded phone calls from time to time. Typically I just ignore cause hell, I don't have it, calling won't make me have it any faster and the person on the other end doesn't REALLY care why I don't have it so what's the point of explaining.

I say that to say this. One particular company called me the other day to let me know that my payment was 3 days late. Now that's basically a Friday to Monday. Payment was due Friday, before I even left work on Monday they had called me like 4 times. Ok, let's just be honest...any of us who have missed a payment or paid items late knows that 3 days ain't late. 7 days..perhaps...14 yea go ahead and call me...but 3?!? Really 3?? I damn near laughed at him.

But this one I answered the call because I know because of my circumstances when I'll be able to pay, so I went ahead and set up a payment online for what will be the total amount due at that point..late fees, next payment and all. I let the caller know that and he said ok and proceeded to read through his script and let me know that basically the phone calls will continue until it's paid. And I said away. I mean, I've already set up my payment. I can tell you everytime each time you call the same thing. And you can make your little note on the account. Why can't your system have something that can re-enter me into that autodial crap you got going on overthere in the event my next payment is 3 days late. I've had someone do that before. I let them know when the payment was scheduled and they said ok and temporarly removed me fromt the call list and let me know that if the payment was not submitted when I promised it the calls would start again. That to me makes sense. What is calling me from now until I pay going to do? I'll tell you...not a damn thing. It's not going to get you paid any faster.

Can't pull dollars out of my ass...if I could I'd be one rich b!$@#.