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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Don't Understand

3:49 PM |

...why people choose to walk or jog in the street when there is a perfectly good, level, traffic free sidewalk next to them.

...why people wait until they get all the way down to the end of the merge lane before even attempting to get over.

...what the point of mass hysteria is.

...why they build shopping centers with 20 stores, a Wal-Mart and one entrance.

...what happened to common sense.

...why people don't understand that if they remove their foot off the gas the car will slow down. There's no need to continue to hit the brakes.

...why I have to deal with traffic at 10 am. Why are there so many people on the road? You can't all work from home, be on vacation, work the night shift, be unemployed or stay at home parents?

...what's up with old people and flowers? Flowered couches, flowered bed sheets, flowered dishes....

That is all for right now.


Tony Stark said...

Good ass point w/ the Walmart thing!.....LOL