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Thursday, April 9, 2009

I Figured It Out

11:09 PM |

How the "cool" people become old school...

You know I ponder random things. Nothing new. I was thinking the other day about how people like say parents or the really cool uncle become haters of new school music and start listening to strictly what is considered old school music. I mean I'm noticing my listening trends and as the music has evolved, I've found music that I liked and evolved with it so to speak. And I think that the "adults" in my life did the same when they were my age. So how did they stop listening to "popular" music? When did it happen? And as I was riding around in the car I figured it out.

I haven't listened to the radio in like the past 2 weeks or so (thanks to the Keri Hilson it much). Not like I listened to the radio that much anyway (radio stations need to do better here). I noticed that I turned from some new song on the radio to the "oldies" station and listened to a Stevie Wonder song instead. And that's when it hit me. I realized that while all new music isn't crap, a good 85% of what is played on the radio is. And every time you turn to the stations it just so happens that the crap is what's on or commercials or talking (and talking and talking and talking). You find yourself turning more and more to your CD's and when you tire of them you go back to the classics.

And there you are. Officially old school. So I think about the parents, the aunts and uncles and I believed that's what happened. I mean think about all the old school songs that are included on the top countdowns. Those are the best. But those weren't the only songs on the airwaves. And if we think that some of the songs that are on the best of lists of those times are hokey IMAGINE what the others sounded like. *shudder* Think about how many of our songs won't make it to the best of lists. That's how it happend.

I know. Random.


Tony Stark said...

I've been told that I'm stuck in a time hole...since I don't favor too much music thats out now.....maybe I'm slippin' into the "old school" too