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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


11:31 PM |

Money does not belong to me
He belongs to Capital One and Citi,
Wells Fargo, Home Depot and HSBC.
Even the Limited is trying to steal him from me.

Money is pretending to be engaged
To the bitch known as my HOA
But he's cheating on her with both AT&T's
And will probably leave them all for PNG.

Every Sunday he spends the day watching the game with Time Warner
Goes to drink with State Farm at the bar on the corner
He stays up all night playing games with Duke Power
I even caught him and Audi in my shower.

I will never have Money for he always roams
And continues to be a student using my federal loans.
Every six months he vacay's with Allstate
Downs some ADT and sleeps in real late.

But as shady as Money appears to be
He tries his best to take care of me.
He always makes sure I have enough to eat
And works to get me to where I need to be.

Money may be an unfaithful liar
But I continue to walk for him through the fire.
I know the pain he causes can never be erased
But as long as I need Money, Money I will always chase.