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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

You Asked, I Answered

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Asking someone out…

Q: 1)How many hints does a Stud (girl) or a man need to drop before asking a woman on a date? 2) how do you know the right time to ask someone on a date?

How many hints does a girl or man need to drop before asking a woman out on a date?  I don't know really. I'm not a big hint girl. I'll be honest. I'm slow. You just have to tell me you want to go out with me. I pass off hints as just playing, or harmless flirting.  If you want me to take you seriously, you really just have to come out and ask. And I can imagine there are a lot of other women out there like this too.

The thing with hints are, they leave too much up to the assumption of the other person. That person could be like me, who just doesn't take those hints as anything real or serious.  Or that person could be the opposite extreme and think any nice gesture could be a sign that the other wants something more. I think leaving too much up to innuendos just leaves too much room for error.  So if you want to take someone on a date, then just ask them.

But there is a part 2.  How do you know the right time to ask someone on a date?  This one is hard too. Is there ever a right time? Of course if the girl is crying on your shoulder immediately after breaking-up with the last one is the absolute WRONG time. Sometimes people always have something going on. There may never truly be a 'right' time. 

Instead of looking at the right time, I think what you have to do is make sure that a) if you ask that person out,  you have to be prepared if they say no - and yes - and what all of that could mean and b) if you're prepared to change the dynamics of what the relationship originally was. If you are thinking of asking out a friend, then I just say go with caution. The answers to the question could change the state of that friendship forever. Regardless of the answer. That to me I think is more important than the timing.

I don't think there will ever be any hints that will work, or any right time. If you want to date someone, then just ask them. It can be a bit scary and a bit unnerving, but you'll never know until you ask. Just try to have a game plan for whatever answer you receive.

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