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Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Dream Differed

10:25 AM |

Dried up like a rasin in the sun...

As children we're often asked what we want to be when we grow up. We're supposed to begin making decisions and start embarking on studies and activities that encourage the accomplishment of those dreams and goals. We work tirelessly only to reach an age when we realize that many of those dreams will either never come to fruition or have to be modified in order to survive in this life. Sometimes in pure survival many lose sight of what their original goals and dreams were.

As I rode around today I reflected back on my dreams and how nothing I'm doing today even remotely resembles what I originally set out to do. Sometimes I wonder if my plans changed due to reality hitting, due to overall changes in what I wanted out of life, or due to fear that I may or may not make it and what either of those possibilities would entail.

Either way, what I once dreamed about is no longer what I desire. Now, while I still feel a bit of a flame burning for what I used to love, the passion has cooled. What do you do? Try to reignite it or look for something else to refuel the fire? I'm not sure. Right now I'm just trying to listen. Not force it, but not ignore it. Just listen. I'm sure I'll be told which direction I need to move in next.

I must say that I admire my friends who are actively pursuing their dreams. They are truly and inspiration to me. I think regardless of where life takes you, you should always keep your eyes on your dreams.


sarabara said...

totally feel you. sometimes, when we end up in things that were not originally part of our plans, it's still a great thing - we're taken down this path we never dreamed of, but it helps us to grow and imagine possibilities we hadn't considered before. and sometimes it's because we're avoiding our big dreams because we're afraid. either way, i think you're right, we gotta listen to our hearts. and the more open in spirit we keep ourselves, the easier it is for our hearts to tell us what to do. i am really enjoying our remote craft dates - they are helping me stay in the moment and open to new creative possibilities. and i can see they're doing the same for you! :)