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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Word To The Wise

In respect to your new found wisdom...

On behalf of the single people out there who often find themselves on the other end of a "pep-talk" from those who have managed to find their "soul-mate", I would like to politely request that you keep it to yourself. I will admit, there are times when we do need to hear words of encouragement, but every statement made about our relationship status, a cute guy who is now off the market, or anything of the like is not your moment to tell us to hang in there.

Remember, not too long ago you, yourself were single like we are. You had your moments where you felt like you'd never find someone. You remember what it was like to date (or not date). It wasn't too long ago that we sat and shared stories about the bad boyfriends, sometimes feeling hopeless, and the likes. You too were irritated by those who had mates giving you advice. So don't sit on high and think that your words of encouragement are going to make us feel better, because truthfully it tends to come of more condescending than sincere.

Most of the time any statements we make are us just talking, releasing frustration, needing to be heard. If we have decided to confide our worries or concerns to you, then let us. As happy as we may be single, no one wants to walk through this life alone. So if the conversation does go from us playing around and making our normal general statements about relationship to something more serious, just hear us out. Remember what it was like when you were in our shoes. Don't try to placate us with canned catch phrases.

If we're going to get into the pure numbers of it all, 63% of all married couples claim to have met their match through their circle of friends. So instead of patting me on the back, get to networking. Oh wait, I forgot, now that you are in the coupledom, you only associate yourself with others in the coupledom. Way to help us out.