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Friday, June 26, 2009

R.I.P. Michael Jackson 1958 - 2009

3:35 PM |

I had to, you all know why...

With soooo many options out there, I chose this one because I remember when this special first aired. We were too young to stay up and watch it so my parents recorded the Motown 25 special (on VHS Tape on our novel new VCR). My sisters and I tried so hard to Moonwalk with no avail. He was the only artist I remember stopping primetime television to premiere a music video. And his music videos were some of the first that inspired me to get into special effects because I was always wondering how they did that.

Even after his hayday he still had millions of people all over the world crying and passing out at the sight of him. He crossed boundaries of race, space, social status, age and time. Even the hardest thug on the corner will say that he likes Michael Jackson without hesitation. He was the master performer and entertainer long before Usher. He was the trendsetter long before Beyonce. He was the humanitarian before Angelina Jolie. He was pop culture before MTV. For many, he was his own genere of music and everyone since him has tried to be like him. No matter what he will always and forever be the King of Pop.

Good-bye, Michael...