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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Trash Can (I Stand)

11:51 AM |

I stand and I wait.
I stand and I wait silently for you to notice me.
Need Me.
Only to be passed by as an insignificant fixture.
I turn and expose myself to you.
Awaiting your next move.
Wishing you'd come near enough to notice me.
Need me.

But yet you walk by.

So I stand.
And I wait.
I stand and I wait silently until the day that you approach with arms open wide.
My heard pounds louder and faster with each step you make
And when you are in focus and at arms length
I take every ounce of your refuge into me.
Allowing your excess to fill me up.
Making as much room as you need inside of me.
Just when I think I can't take anymore
You turn.
Without a second look
You turn.
And walk away.
Leaving me.


Miss_A said...

This poem was written as a challenge by a friend of mine. I mentioned that I hadn't written in a while because I usually write when I'm upset. Well he challenged me to write a poem about a random object and he chose a trash can. This is the result of that challenge.