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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The State of the Union

2:25 AM |

Thoughts from the disillusioned one...

As I sit in the encroachment of what is surely the most important election of my generation, I am not filled with the sense of hope or excitement, but fear. There have been many chances where the American people were able to act and decide on the fate of the nation, and many times, the people have chosen poorly. But this is not a statement about the vote and who to vote for. To be completely honest, majority of us eligible voters are so caught up in outdated bipartisan bullshit that no one is open to even considering options, differences of opinion or compromises. But I digress.

My fear lies in the unraveling I am witnessing. It begins with the fear of a depression and the horrifying reality that our riches are built on bad loans and unpaid debts to foreign countries who quite frankly can't stand us and our projected/perceived values. It transitions into uncertainty about the elected. The people, aside from the president, we have apparently elected have made piss poor decisions. Because truthfully the president can put many bone headed plans out there but it's up to our representatives to say yay or nay. It ends when negativity and the hatred that had been so neatly tucked under bow ties, and girdles, begins to poke the sides of the nation.

What concerns me the most is the overwhelming frenzy I feel bubbling just underneath the surface. The people of this "great" nation are so easily swayed by scare tactics, and buzz words that they are quick to jump, scream, and riot over causes and ideologies they know nothing about. So quick to make decisions because someone else says it's the right thing to do, that you don't even bother checking the facts. Hearing only what you want to hear because to hear anything else would be too disheartening.

But you can't really fault the people. Unfortunately there are no open unbiased sources of information. TV news networks, papers, national and local magazines all have an agenda. And the internet, well...we all know what they say about opinions...

So what are we to do?

Educate our selves. Find a reason to vote for your candidate. Come with something better than some canned bullshit and black pride fantasies. Read damnit. Not only internet blogs, but papers, books and magazines. Compare information. Read data and statistics. Look for information and make your own decisions. Listen, you'll be surprised what you hear. Take time to think about your impending actions. Stop charging! Shit. If you can't afford it, save, or learn enough to borrow responsibly. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing! It's unfortunate that we have had our rose colored glasses shattered. However it is time for our pubescent country to begin to grow the fuck up.